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If you’re thinking about making a custom shirt for fundraising, advertising or any other reason, it should tell a story. At first this may sound impossible considering you have what equates to just two pages (the front and back of the shirt) and you need to be able to capture someone’s attention and engage them to want to know the whole story. Here are some tips that may help you with a better designed custom shirt that will create interest in learning more.

Who Are You?

If you’re advertising a cause or brand, make sure there is something on the shirt that will help the person who sees it remember who you are. Sometimes a logo can do this, other times the mission, motto or even the website’s address can do this. If you’re promoting a cause, you might want to ask a question or have a clear statement (like the girl who created the Don’t Forget Flint shirts to help provide water for Flint, MI). Although some people will stop you to ask about your message, it’s more likely that they’ll grab their phone and Google it if it speaks to them.

Make them Look Twice

There are a few tricks to getting the average person to look at your shirt twice. Here are a few:

  • Hidden message – Either use a different font for some letters in your main message or a different color of the original font. Perhaps the most common one is the word Beautiful where Be and u are often in different colors to share the message that if you’re being you, you’re beautiful.
  • Answer the question on the back – By printing a question on the front or having only a partial statement or image on the front of the shirt and providing the solution or rest of the message on the back, interested people will turn around and look for the answer.
  • Custom easy to remember URL – Because we all have instant access on our phones, when you create a URL to answer the question you posed on your shirt, you can track how many people are coming to your site and seeing the whole message.
  • Ask a thinking question – When you pose a question that makes someone think and provide a memorable way to find more information (like an easy to remember URL or company name), you can spark further interest in your cause.

Don’t be afraid to boldly promote your cause or advertise your business or use a slightly less up-front message. Because custom shirts from Hometown Imprints don’t have quantity limits and we provide quick turnaround, you can purchase just the right number of custom shirts and tweak the message when you need to. Reach out to us for a quote for your needs and we’ll help you get started right away. Call us today at (703) 226-4860.