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When you are looking for a custom t-shirt company, you’ll find many options online and when you ask for a quote, you’ll also find that their prices vary widely. As you research the t-shirt companies and make a decision as to who will make your shirts, you want to look at several elements beyond the price. Although some shirt companies do offer good quality shirts at a reasonable cost, here are a few things to look as you evaluate the many options.

Customer Service & Communication

When you reach out asking questions, how quickly do they respond? It’s normal to wait until the next business day, especially after hours, for a response from most custom t-shirt companies, but anything beyond that could be a sign that either they’re understaffed or too busy for a new customer.

The Shirt Itself

Depending on the reason for purchasing custom printed shirts, the important elements of the shirts may vary and we’ll cover that in more detail in our next blog. However, as you look at the shirts, here are some things to consider:

  • Percentage of cotton
  • Sizes available
  • Color selection
  • Styles
  • Sleeve length
  • Shirt weight


Just because a custom t-shirt company has been around for decades doesn’t mean they’re the best choice. Technology changes and new screen-printing technology is vastly improved over machines even ten years old. Find out from the company about the technology they use to print your shirts.

Turn-Around Time

Sure, you can order your shirts from overseas but when will they really arrive? Working with a local company (or at least one based in the U.S.) will help ensure that your shirts arrive on time in the quantities you need. It may also help ensure that in the event you need more in a hurry, you’ll be able to get them.


A good custom t-shirt company will guide you through the process of design and choosing colors. They may even help you choose the right mix of sizes. If the company you’re considering either doesn’t offer guidance on placement of the design or have a guide with placement suggestions, you might not want to use that company.

Hometown Imprints offers quality shirts, excellent customer service and has the latest technology for excellent results in both our embroidered and screen printing. If you’d like assistance from a professional custom t-shirt company, reach out to us by filling out our contact form, or giving us a holler at 703-226-4860!